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We are a team of quality-oriented, multidisciplinary professionals. We are committed to developing innovative tax strategies that are appropriate even in an environment of heightened scrutiny.

We are not bound by geographic boundaries. We provide you with the right resources whenever and wherever you need them.

We employ a unique approach for each individual client. This unique approach is achieved by jointly combining our specialized skills with our client’s knowledge, resulting in innovative strategies and enhanced results.

Local Expertise on a National Scale
Innovative Tax Solutions is part of a nationwide network of Property Tax specialists with jurisdictional expertise in virtually every state in the country. Wherever you are and wherever your business takes you, we have a property tax specialist to support you.

But the real key to our expertise is not in our nationwide service capability. It's much closer to home. It's knowing what's in your own backyard. Our working knowledge of the local jurisdictions in your area is what makes us successful. We represent property managers, owners, tenants, developers, and businesses of all types and sizes throughout the United States. We leverage our jurisdictional expertise to ensure that you save the most on your property taxes.

So why wouldn’t you welcome the opportunity to reduce your tax liabilities, receive refunds and increase your bottom line? Innovative Tax Solutions allows you the unique alternative of achieving these results.
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